Rufus King High School German Program-German is just plain “Funvergnügen”

Rufus King High School German Program-German is just plain “Funvergnügen”

Rufus King High School is a Milwaukee-based International Wisconsin Public High School that is continually ranked among the best in the state. The school offers rigorous pre-university study courses for motivated secondary education students.

Each year, the school organizes the Rufus King German Program that includes a trip to the schools’sister institution in Germany. Let’s take a look at some different facets of the German program at King that also includes the German Honor Society, the annual Speaking Contest held at various regions in Wisconsin, the Rufus King Germany Trip, and why you should take German (so nice to hear for me, the ever-German immigrant, though I’ve been here now for almost two decades!)

German Honor Society

The German Honor Society at Rufus King International Baccalaureate High School is a member of the WI Chapter Alpha Delta/Delta Epsilon Phi (The National Honor Society for HS Students of the German Culture and Language). The society was founded on October 22, 1990, and it recognizes academic achievement in the study of German.

The German Honor Society at Rufus King promotes an interest in studying the German language, literature, and civilization. It also embraces studying the cultures of the other German-speaking countries Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. Now I don’t pretend to be in these circles, but it’s good to know these things exist in my new Home Land. We’ve picked up some pretty good American habits, but this level of “society” is not really our “cup of tea”.  But enough about us. Let’s take a look at the admissions criteria.

The criteria for membership are:
* at least 3 semesters of German
* overall GPA of at least 3.0
* German GPA of at least 3.6

The U.S. to Germany Trip

Every year, several students from the school’s German classes are lucky enough to take a trip to the King sister school in Germany. German is just plain “Funvergnügen” and here are some advantages:

  • Learn German with a native speaker
  • Experience 4 weeks in Germany at Kings’ partnership school in Pampow, Germany.
  • Participate in various national, state, and regional contests to win neat prizes and even trips to Germany
  • Be a member of King’s own chapter for the National Honor Society for German students

German is easier than you think! Imagine just how many German words we use when we’re going out and order our food! American English is just FULL of German words and expressions!
Take your own matching test.

English German
mouse Haus
ball Apfel
apple Ring
school Hand
cat Gras
ring Maus
house Katze
hand Feder
grass Ball
feather Schule

Why should you take German?

There are ten reasons to learn German. Some of them include:

  1. German is a language spoken by 120 million people, or a quarter of all Europeans, as their native tongue.
  2. German is the most commonly used language on the internet, after English.
  3. Learning German can improve your English and increase your ACT and SAT scores.
  4. Germany is a major force behind the European Union, which commands 24% of the world trade. (US 25%, Japan 10%)
  5. Germany is the fifth largest trading partner of the US after Canada, Japan, Mexico, and China.
  6. More than 750 U.S. companies do business in Germany
  7. More than 1,100 companies of German-speaking countries have subsidiaries in the US. (Daimler, Siemens, Bayer, …); 65% of those polled seek employees with German and English skills.
  8. German is the second most commonly used language in the field of publications.
  9. Germany is rich and abundant in arts and literature. Many of the most revered composers, authors, and artists are from German-speaking countries. In fact, in the Encyclopedia Americana, there are 14 pages devoted to German literature, 13 to French, and 8 to Spanish.
  10. Germany has been a major contributor to the current population of the United States. Almost 25% of its citizens claim German descent; including over 50% of Wisconsinites. German-Americans have played an integral part in the creation of history, language, sciences, arts, food practices, and culture in the U.S.

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