Goodbye Deutschland

Goodbye Deutschland

“Goodbye Deutschland, with the Green Card to America” is a great story of a family, Christoph and Simone Puetz. In 1998, they emigrated with nothing but their remaining belongings in suitcases from Krefeld, Germany, to Denver in the U.S. state of Colorado. The Puetz family emigrated from Germany to live their own American dream in Colorado.

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“… no home, no job, no friends … so we found ourselves suddenly in America again, and only the strong will to make it here…!”

The Puetz won the Green Card lottery, and the emigrants tell of how they realized to live their own American dream in the hard every-day American ‘hire and fire’ mentality.

The book offers a mix of experience reports from 1998 to 2013. “Good-Bye Germany – with the Green Card to America” is a modern history of emigration to the land of opportunity. The book is a must for everyone interested in the topic of emigration to the United States and the Green Card Lottery.

The first version of this interesting U.S. Immigration book was published in 2001, but has now been refreshed again with current experiences and information, and it describes 15 years of the emigrants’ living in the United States. Absolutely top book!

Reviews from Amazon

For me, this is very entertaining stuff to read. The authors point to the difficulties you may encounter when you emigrate to America. It is not the idealized image of many other emigrants that we became familiar with by various television shows (like: It is completely sufficient if you have saved € 1,000 saved, no need after emigration to worry about a thing, and nevertheless live better and easier). All in all, a good book, well written, which I will certainly read again.

We noticed after our emigration that anything is possible if one is willing to take a little risk and if you are ready to work hard for success. We hope that our story is a little motivational, and if not, a little entertaining.

Highly recommended.

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