How Are You In German – TroopSwap For Military And Veterans, Only In America

How Are You In German – TroopSwap For Military And Veterans, Only In America

TroopSwap can only be found in America. I wouldn’t know of any part in the world or any other country where an event like this take would (or could) be set up, and in Germany for sure NOT. Just read this story that a good friend of mine (an army guy) sent me: He started with How are You in German and went on with telling me about Troopswap for Military and Veterans, Only in America.

TroopSwap is marching on San Diego very soon.  TroopSwap was founded by Harvard Business School Alumni Blake Hall and Matthew Thompson – who also happen to be Army veterans with more than a few deployments under their belts.  You can get to know them a little better at the TroopSwap Founder’s Blog

TroopSwap’s goal is to negotiate deeply discounted offers from local and national businesses and bring them exclusively to the military community.  Membership to the site is free, though there is a verification process to make sure only those who’ve served gain access to the offers.

But, they’re not daily deals, they’re bi-weekly or 10-day deals.  Because the founders know that you can’t always have access to your email to find out what deals are being offered and because they don’t want you to miss out, all deals are available for 10 days to 2 weeks – which means they also straddle a payday somewhere in there too.

The great thing is that the discounts are just as steep as those you find available for only 24 hours or until they sell out – yet you have a better shot of getting them and you know that you and your family is being rewarded for a life of service.  TroopSwap believes “a life of service should have its perks.”

In addition, TroopSwap is different than those other companies in other ways – they donate 10% of their profits to the Wounded Warrior Project – a worthy cause, I think we can all agree!

And, they’re hiring! As a matter of fact, they only hire military spouses.  TroopSwap is hiring military spouses with sales and marketing backgrounds to launch their San Diego division in the upcoming weeks.  They’re also expanding to Washington D.C., and have been active in the Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach areas since May – and have saved military families over $100,000 in that short period of time.

To get in on the deals as TroopSwap begins to roll them out in mid-September, go to the TroopSwap website or like the TroopSwap San Diego Facebook page – where you can also share ideas about what businesses you’d like to see TroopSwap partner with.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m currently working with TroopSwap as a Director of Community Outreach.  Believe me, any of you who know me know that if I didn’t believe in what was going on with TroopSwap I wouldn’t work there or encourage all of you to join and start getting your perks!



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