Wiener Schnitzel, Happy New Year, and Charlotte

Wiener Schnitzel, Happy New Year, and Charlotte

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time for my family and to tell you the truth, here in America, the excitement has only grown since we’ve lived here, year after year. In fact, this year marked our twentieth year here! As a family, it seems like moving to this great new country has made our family ties stronger and this year, we loved the Wiener Schnitzel, Happy New Year, and Charlotte time so much!

This year, we generally have gotten through the post-Christmas rush and are looking forward to the upcoming year. After eating a light brunch we all sit lazily around and tell stories until mid to late evening, and then pack up for a festive night in the city of Charlotte. We’ve done this now for quite some years and I must admit, it couldn’t be better. Just take a look at the Charlotte Forework Display two years ago:

I will always set my home security alarm, pack the kids and a few relatives up in the van, and off we go. We usually will park somewhere close to the Panther Stadium and walk up to Tryon Street, where thousands of people gather annually on New Year’s Eve to bring in the New Year.

We usually will have a nice, relaxing meal at our favorite local “Schnitzel Haus”, have a beer (or two) and then hit the street to countdown the final seconds to the new year. It’s usually quite cool so most of us bundle up, but we always have a blast watching the roadside performers and meeting up with loads of old friends, and sometimes making new ones along the way.

As the time winds down and we’ve worked our way around the schnitzels (which we really prefer over the typical American food), the evening is usually capped off with the wonderful fireworks display the city of Charlotte puts on. The kids adore the fireworks. We then will go to one of the local shops and get some hot chocolate and maybe some cookies as the American food tradition seems to require and make our way back home.

Home means our favorite hotel where we’ve stayed for quite a few years and where we feel welcome. We have been doing this for years, and I can remember going to the fireworks back in Germany when I was a child myself. We’ll be there for a couple of nights and then hit the road to make it back home again on Wednesday. So here we go, we’ll have fun and all of us wish you all the best in 2019!

The Dumbest Sign You’ll Ever See

I guess having the speed limit change from say, 6 AM to 9 AM and from 2 PM to 5 PM is just too difficult. Instead, motorists have to read very carefully to see whether they should be driving at 25mph or 45mph. Which is, of course, totally insane.

One thing I get from reading the blog that showed this is that the craziest government of all is local government. With police militarization, crazy local governments are given surplus military equipment so that they can be crazy and well-armed at the same time (not to say that it’s any better in Germany, I guess). But the real burdensome regulations out there tend to be at the local level.

This is really the limit! Is this America? This has nothing to do with the influence some great Germans had on American Culture and efficiency. Just think of this speed limit sign as just a symbol of that onerous stupidity.

Living in America – At What Age Should You Stop Dreaming?

I use it to make the point that the ability and desire to dream has nothing to do with age. Down deep inside, everyone has a dream. Most are attainable, also for Americans wishing to learn the German Language properly. History has proven that. Part of this dreaming dynamic has to do with our daily personality or attitude. Expecting the best for yourself and your loved ones is a powerful step in the right direction. Keyword: Expecting.

How many times have you heard someone start a sentence with, “Well, with my luck…” Regardless of what has (or hasn’t) happened to them in the past, they are unconsciously telling themselves that they do not deserve better. The opposite is true. What will you tell yourself today? And, what’s the BEST that can happen? Well, that the government will be open for business soon again and Good Health in 2019!

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