Hello in German to the Green Card Lottery-What is it exactly?

Hello in German to the Green Card Lottery-What is it exactly?

If you want to be living and working without any limitations in America, you will basically need to have a Green Card and to get a Green Card is not that easy. There is, fortunately, one exception: the Green Card Lottery, or the Diversity Visa Lottery. So I would like to say Hello in German to the Green Card Lottery-What is it exactly?

With this annual lottery, practically everybody is qualified to win the highly desirable card. The Green Card Lottery comes only one time per year, and it is recommended to get optimally prepared. The American Dream is a great tool to help you avoid mistakes on the road to freedom.

Basically everyone, but there are exceptions for individuals that are born in countries that already have an extremely high emigration ratio into America. A person’s country of citizenship is irrelevant to this process. What matters is a person’s country of birth compared to a current world map.
Excluded countries are Brazil, Bangladesh, China (mainland-born), Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, India, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, South Korea, Vietnam, and the UK (except for Northern Ireland) including its dependent territories. Individuals who are born in Taiwan, Macau SAR, and Hong Kong SAR are eligible.

An exception is made for persons who were actually born in one of these countries but have a spouse that was born in a Diversity Visa (DV) 2018-eligible country, or when a person was actually born in an excluded country but the parents were both not born in this specific excluded country.

The only requirement that further applies is that the individual need to have completed a secondary school education that is comparable to an American high school diploma or has at least two years of recent professional experience in a professional setting for which at least two years of training are required. These prerequisites only apply the Green Card Lottery and are not needed if you simply submit a Green Card application.

If you are married, you are required to list your partner/spouse on your application, as well as all your children younger than 21 years of age, Children of your spouse need to be listed too, and your application must be accompanied by photos of all your family members.

This is not meaning that all members of the family must emigrate to America. After winning the Green Card Lottery, the main applicant may be deciding who is coming along or not. All family members, however, need to be included in the application so you won’t get disqualified.

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