Hello in German – American Education Week

Hello in German – American Education Week

Every year, American public schools celebrate American Education Week. This celebration of American Education Services – The American Education Week – usually takes time in the month of November but we’re already looking forward to this unique event. So let’s Say Hello in German to the American Education Week as it’s a beautiful way of showing the appreciation for public schools and the educators who inspire communities. Nine out of 10 students in the United States attend public schools.

Public schools will be open to all students, regardless of the language they speak at home, their race or religion, how high or low their family income is, if they are straight, transgender, or gay, or if they any disabilities or not. American Education Week is represented on Twitter by the hashtag: #PublicSchoolsForAll.

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What I really want to tell you, is that if you have a dream about changing your career, working for yourself, and doing something you love for a living… You can. We were (and are still) just kids. We put it all on the line, and now I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. I am so proud of us, of my wife, my kids, and how far we have come professionally and personally, now we help people get their GED through the BestGEDClasses online program! The GED is a way of getting a high school diploma and many famous people have a GED certificate.

If this post strikes a chord with you, even at all, I know you have it in you too. Start building alliances, start devising a plan, start moving forward today. We left Germany to build a new future here, and I’m glad we can look back and say ’18 years ago’ I will be right beside you cheering you on.

Let’s take a look at the American Education System

Twenty years ago to the date, I was a 25-year-old stranger in a new country, in a new town, checking out a new bank, and grabbing a bite to eat in a (for us) new restaurant, Jordan’s Bar & Grill. Without my wife, my family, and a few great new friends, there is no way I ever would have survived this long.

There have been bad times and better times, there have been days where I have held back tears, felt defeated, bit my tongue, or even ran my mouth a little too much. There have been sleepless nights, seriously stressed out wallets, and weeks where I’ve felt like a zombie in autopilot…

Education Week

Every year, communities all across America join the NEA (National Education Association) to celebrate our nation’s annual “American Education Week.” This year, the important campaign emphasized that all of our country’s public schools are for all students regardless of their circumstances. Everyone was welcome and all students deserve all possible support, time, attention, and tools to learn and develop towards a better life.

Public education is one of the most important cornerstones of American communities. The schools were welcoming students from all sorts of backgrounds, incomes, and abilities and all public schools played a crucial role in ensuring that our schools will be and stay open to all. At American Education Week, all American public schools are showing their pride to the entire world.

It was great to see again that American Education Week was honoring all students’ determination and resolve to learn. There was recognition for the teachers’ dedication and professionalism and not only of them. Also, other educators and support staff were honored as well as parents and other community members who are helping students succeed in life.

Life’s ups and downs – also in the U.S.

For the last few weeks, the kids have been sick. Julia picked up a nasty virus that has really hung on – she’s still not 100% yet. Oliver picked up her cold and cough, which turned into bronchitis. Dave caught bronchitis and threw a sinus infection in for good measure and I walked around avoiding snotty hugs and kisses from them, priding myself on the fact that I had yet to be stricken with any of their various illnesses.

Until this weekend, when I wound up with a nasty and rather disgusting sinus infection myself. I’ve never had one before and thought for the first day or so it was a toothache until my cheeks, eyes, and eyebrows started throbbing and pounding in that special way that screams SINUS INFECTION. Then I cottoned on.

I took a trip to the walk-in clinic on Sunday, got a prescription, filled it, took my first pill and started to throw up. I couldn’t stop, and oh dear lord, how I wanted to…vomiting when you have a sinus infection is dreadful, absolutely dreadful. “How come you can never just get a touch of something?” Dave asked me Sunday night, leaning on the footboard of our bed, watching me wretch into a bowl. “Why do you have to go hard or go home?” I wish I knew the answer to that one.

Over twenty-four hours of nonstop vomiting later, I wound up at the hospital yesterday morning, my shame left at home: I sat in the waiting room clutching my puke bowl and a box of Kleenexes with a cold washcloth pressed against the left side of my face. See also this post on what I know of the US educational system.

An x-ray, a nice dose of Gravol and IV fluids, a confirmed allergic reaction to a certain antibiotic and a new prescription later, I came home to a house that looked like a war zone, two tired, cranky kids and one exhausted brother, who showed up at 8 a.m. to help me out for the day and ended up flying solo with my kids for the first time that week.

I went to bed after I got home this afternoon and when I woke up, Simone told me that my aunt had called to tell us my uncle in Germany had passed away this morning. He’d been suffering for a long time and like I did when my mother died, I felt relief that he was suffering no longer, but I’m saddened by his death and the fact that with him dies my mother’s family name.

I sat at the dining room table, digesting the news of my uncle’s death and the first solid food I’d eaten since Saturday night. Chris sent me a cute book and some cool new music to listen to and as I flipped through the pages I thought to myself how fitting it was that her package arrived on a day that a pick-me-up was much needed.

It’s been a rough few days, yet despite that, life has shown me I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.